Can I resign as a company director if I am that company's sole director?


Hello - I am the director of a small limited company in Glasgow. I’ve got a fantastic opportunity down south, and I would love to take it. The problem is that I’m the company’s only director. Am I allowed to resign? Or do I need to appoint another director first?



A sole director can only resign if a new director has been appointed to take his or her place - a company is not permitted to be without a director for any period of time.

To appoint a new director to take your place, you must file form AP01 with Companies House. To terminate yourself as a director, you must file form TM01 with Companies House - you can do this at the same time as appointing a new director or at some point afterward.

You can deliver these forms to Companies House online or by post, or you can appoint and remove directors online through a company formation agent.

2 years ago

Hello, What would happen if this person then wanted to reappoint himself as director again, in the future? Has he lost his authority and power to appoint himself as director again?

a year ago

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