How does limited company status impact my reputation?


Hello all. I am thinking about launching a new business here in London, and my accountant (the one courting my business, at least) has recommended I launch my business as a private limited company. I understand the concept of limited liability, which is obviously a huge plus. But he’s also told me that limited company status will somehow magically improve my reputation. I don’t really understand, how. Can anyone help me out, here?


Harrison Summers



Registering your business as a limited company can improve your reputation because incorporated structures are usually perceived as committed, established and credible businesses that are in it for the long haul - it takes more effort and dedication to register and run a limited company than it does to operate as a sole trader.

Limited liability and the disclosure of corporate information gives a sense of security to those who may wish to do business with you; therefore, prospective clients, service providers, banks, lenders, suppliers, etc will likely take your business more seriously and be willing to trust you if you are set up as a limited company.

2 years ago

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