Can you reopen a limited company that has already been dissolved?


Last year, we dissolved a catering company we’d had in Cumbria. We’re not in a position to get things going again, if we can. Is it possible to open a limited company back up after dissolving it? It would make things much easier if we could just pick up where we left off.



You can restore a dissolved limited company at Companies House by applying for ‘Administrative Restoration’, but only if:

  • You were a director or shareholder of that company
  • The company was trading until its dissolution
  • The company was not voluntarily struck off the register by the directors

If you cannot satisfy these requirements, you will have to obtain a court order to restore the company.

To apply for administrative restoration of your dissolved company, you must:

  • Download and complete form RT01
  • Send it to Companies House with a cheque for £100
  • Submit any outstanding filing requirements the company may have
  • Pay any fees or penalties owed by the company
  • Obtain a waiver letter from Bona Vacantia if the dissolved company had assets

Companies House will then either restore your company or reject your application.

2 years ago

If I remember correctly, I closed down my limited company as I only have two buy-to-let property at that time. Now I will only have ONE BLT.

My question is: Is it still benefifial for me to re-open my ltd? Regards


5 months ago

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