Do I need to tell Companies House if my company has become dormant?



I would like to make my company dormant. We’re not actively doing business, so I think it’s time to make it official. Do I need to phone Companies House and let them know, or will they be informed automatically if my company stops trading officially?



You don’t have to tell Companies House that your company is dormant until it’s time to submit your annual accounts - the filing deadline for accounts is 9 months after your accounting reference date (ARD). Your ARD should fall on your anniversary of incorporation.

Rather than preparing normal accounts, inactive companies only have to submit dormant accounts (form AA02). This is a simplified version of normal accounts and you can complete the form online. Companies House has a demo video on their website that shows you what to do.

Please also remember to distribute copies of the accounts to all shareholders or guarantors.

2 years ago

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