How can I change my company’s trading status from dormant to active?


Two years ago, I set up a dormant company. I would now like to change its status from dormant to active, so that I can start trading and doing business properly with this company. Can you please advise how I should go about doing this? Thank you in advance for all of your help, I need it!!



It’s a relatively easy procedure to make a dormant company active - you just need to register your company for Corporation Tax on HMRC's website within 3 months of starting business activities, otherwise you may get a penalty.

To register for Corporation Tax, you will need to give the following info to HMRC:

  • Your company’s Unique Taxpayer Reference - HMRC will have sent you a letter that contained this number. You should have received it at your registered office after your company was incorporated.
  • Full company name and registration number - this info is on your certificate of incorporation.
  • Start date of business activities.
  • Main address where you conduct business.
  • Types of business activities in which your company is engaged.
  • Date you plan to make your annual accounts up to - this is usually referred to as an accounting reference date.

You need a Government Gateway account to register for taxes. If you do not have one, you you can set one up during the Corporation Tax registration process.

Companies House does not have to be notified straight away - they will determine that your company is active when you file your next annual accounts.

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