Do I need to inform HMRC if my company has become dormant?


Hello, I’m going to change my private limited company from trading to dormant. If I am successful, do I need to inform HMRC - or will they simply find out automatically? I didn’t know whether Companies House would clue them in or whether it would be my job.



Yes, you must tell HMRC as soon as possible if your company is dormant, even if it has never traded at all. You can inform HMRC in writing via your local Corporation Tax office.

You should get a response within about 15 days - the letter will confirm that the dormant status has been accepted from the requested date, or it will ask you to submit a Company Tax Return for any activity that previously took place within your current accounting period.

The contact details for your local Corporation Tax office can be found on any letter that HMRC has sent to your company. If you can’t find any correspondence, you can get this information here.

2 years ago

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