Do non-trading companies have different SIC codes from trading companies?


It’s my understanding that a SIC code tells Companies House et al about the type of business that your company does. If your company is not trading, however, it does no business. So, would a non-trading company have a different SIC code than a normal, trading company would have? Asking for a friend.



Yes, the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code for a non-trading company is 74990. You should use this code if your company is non-trading - i.e. it is not carrying on normal business but you still pay certain financial transactions - rent, set-up costs, etc - through the business bank account.

If your company is not trading and has absolutely no accounting transactions that need to be entered into its accounting records, your company will be classed as dormant and you should use the SIC code 99999.

Your SIC code should be entered in your annual return and it will be displayed alongside your company details on the public register.

2 years ago

74.99/0 is not a valid SIC code. This code was made up by Companies House, but does not fit with the Office of National Statistics 2007 SIC code structure. We advise using this code only with Companies House documentation. See for more information on UK sic codes including useful SIC structure & conversion table downloads.

9 months ago

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