How can I change my company from non-trading to trading?


Hi - I want to change my company from a non-trading one to a trading one. I registered as dormant to protect my name, but now I’m ready to take it up and start doing business. How do I go about making this happen? Best



To change the trading status of your limited company from non-trading (dormant) to trading (active), you must register with HMRC for Corporation Tax. This is a simple process that can completed online in a matter of minutes, but make sure you do it within 3 months of starting to trade.

You may also have to register for VAT if you think your turnover will exceed £82,000 within the next 12 months. If you plan to take on any employees or pay yourself a director’s salary, you will have to register for PAYE and operate payroll.

Companies House will find out that your company is active when you file your next annual accounts, but you will have to file normal accounts rather than dormant accounts.

2 years ago

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