Can a dissolved company have employees?



I’m trying to dissolve a limited company in Stirling. We’re small, but I’ve got eight employees under me. If I choose to dissolve my company, can I officially keep them on the roll as employees still? Or once my company has dissolved, will they be unemployed in the eyes of the law?


Nathan Davis



Your employees will be unemployed when your company is dissolved, so you will be unable to continue paying their wages through the business once the company has been closed. It will cease to exist and it will be struck off the companies register.

If you want to keep paying wages to your employees but you do not want to trade through the company, you can contact HMRC to register the company non-trading, but you will still have a number of filing and reporting responsibilities, including PAYE payroll, annual returns, annual accounts and notifying Companies House of any changes to your company details.

2 years ago

What if I am a contracted employee and was unaware that my company's business had dissolved, because the business was operational and I was paid wages.

6 months ago

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