How do I dissolve my company?


Good morning - the time has come to dissolve my limited company. We’ve had a great run, but my partner and I are both ready to call it quits. So, we need to legally dissolve. How do we go about dissolving? Is there a particular process we need to follow? Thank you


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There are a few ways to dissolve a limited company but the cheapest option for a solvent company is to apply to Companies House to have it struck off the register. You can only do this if:

It has not traded in the past 3 months It has not sold off any stock in the past 3 months You have not changed your company name in the past 3 months The company is not threatened with liquidation The company does not have any agreements with creditors

If your company meets these requirements, you should complete form DS01 for Companies House and get it signed by a majority of the directors.

If your company is insolvent, you will have to use the creditors’ voluntary liquidation process.

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I had a similar problem yesterday. I set up a company with a friend of mine in August 2014. However, our plans changed and the company was never involved in any business activities.

Here's how my accountant and I closed the company:

  1. There were 2 directors in the company. My friend was away and he was unable to sign any documents. Therefore, I had to resign him as a director so that I would not need his signature.
  2. I backdated his resignation by a few days and submitted an officer resignation form using Formations Factory Company Manager.
  3. Waited for 15 minutes and Companies House approved the form.
  4. Downloaded and printed the DS01 form.
  5. Filled in the form (company name, number, director's signature, signature date)
  6. Put a £10 cheque in the envelope
  7. Sent the envelope to the address listed on the form

Done! I hope this helps.

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Thank you very much!

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