When does a company receive its Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) number?


We would like to prepare our tax return, however, the UTR is needed to apply the corporate tax. According to Companies House, the UTR is sent to the registered office address when the company is incorporated. However, nothing has been received as of yet. When can we expect to receive it? Is there a way to look it up using the Company Manager on Formations Factory?



HMRC can take 2-3 weeks following company incorporation to dispatch you UTR number.

Unfortunately, there is no way to look it up on any agent's website.

a year ago

6 Weeks and still waiting !

10 months ago

My partner and I are currently having the same problem? Companies house are saying HMRC are responsible and vise versa? It's incredibly annoying as we need to apply for SEIS.

Any help?

7 months ago

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