If I use someone else's address as my registered office, will I need to store my company records at a SAIL address?


Hi there! I’ve purchased a registered office address from a company in London, but it’s an address that I never actually plan on visiting. Now, I’m worried because I didn’t realise that I need to store all of my company records at my registered office. Will I now need to register a SAIL address where I have all of my company records at hand, or will this be okay?



Greetings. As long as you purchased your registered office from a reputable company formation agent, this shouldn’t be a problem. The company you purchased it from should ideally have all of your company documents on its computer system. If the company doesn’t have your documents, email them right away. You do not need to store printed copies of your company records at your registered office. Therefore, as long as you have got electronic copies that are accessible at this address, you should be fine.

You could register a SAIL address, but it would be unnecessary.

2 years ago

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