I am a non-UK resident. Do I need to physically come to the UK to open a business bank account?



I am an Italian resident forming a limited company in the UK. We will not have any UK residents serving as shareholders or directors. For the purposes of opening a business bank account, could someone please help me out as to whether I will need to physically come to the UK in order to open a business bank account for my company there?

Morgan Higgins



Morgan Higgins,

Some banks do not open business bank accounts for non-residents in the UK, but there are some that do. If you are able to find a bank that offers this service, and it appears to tick all the boxes for your business, you can proceed with your business bank account application, however, please be aware you will always need to visit the UK and present your ID at a meeting with the bank.

Alternatively, you could simply open a bank account in their own country. To do this, you will need to obtain apostilled documents for your UK company. That being said, I would contact the bank before ordering these, to ascertain exactly what documents they require apostilled.

Hope that answers your question.


2 years ago

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