Can a non-UK resident open a holding company in the UK?



I’m enquiring about setting up a holding company in UK. We’re based in Dubai, but some of our investors would prefer to have a holding company in a country where we are paying taxes.

To do this, do I need to have an office in the UK with employees, or is it enough just to have directors in the UK? In the future, we might open actual premises in the UK, but for now, this is merely for tax purposes.

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Hello Kyle

You can set up a holding company with one person, or multiple people if you like. You will need at least one director and one shareholder, and both positions can be held by the same person.

The directors and/or shareholders do not need to be resident in the UK, and you also do not need to have a building or establishment in the UK. The only thing you need is a UK registered office, which you can purchase from loads of business service providers.

2 years ago

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