How much does it cost to form a company limited by guarantee?


Hey - I’m shopping around to set up a limited by guarantee company in Scotland. Every site seems to have a different price, which makes me wonder how much all of these sites are making off me that I don’t have to be spending. Open question to anyone: how much does it actually cost to set up a limited by guarantee company?



The cost of company formation varies. It will cost you £40 to set up a limited by guarantee company directly through Companies House. You will have to use their postal application form because Companies House only offers online incorporation services to limited by shares companies. Postal applications can take up to 10 days to process.

If you set up a company limited by guarantee through a company formation agent, it will cost you less than £25.00. You can complete and submit your application form online. Most online incorporations are approved by Companies House within 3 hours.

2 years ago

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