Do I need a business address for my limited by guarantee company?


Hiya! My name is Nathan, and I am part of a sporting club that would like to apply for company status. We will be a non-for-profit football club working with children and adults of all ages, although will not apply for charity status, most likely. We would like to incorporate through Companies House as soon as possible to get things moving.

The problem is, however, we do not yet have any sort of premises. Eventually we hope to acquire grounds through the local council that we can call the club’s permanent home, but right now this club is being run out of several different homes. So, if we would like to incorporate before we have a proper premises, are we able to do so without listing a business address? Or is it necessary for a limited by guarantee company to have a business address?

Thank you in advance for your help.



There is no legal requirement to have a business address for your limited company but it will be easier if you do. This will allow you to receive all of your business-related correspondence at the one address.

You may like to use your home address, the same address as your company’s registered office, or a non-residential business address from a company formation agent or address provider. It’s entirely up to you. In terms of professionalism, however, a non-residential address looks better.

2 years ago

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