Who must I notify if I would like to dissolve my company?


Hey, guys - I would like to dissolve a limited company that I’ve had for a couple of years now. I’m assuming I can’t get away with that without letting somebody know - so, could somebody give me a list of the people or institutions I need to inform in order to shut things down?



You must notify Companies House in the first instance if you wish to close a limited company. You can do this by applying to dissolve or liquidate your company.

Before sending the relevant form to Companies House, you must inform every person and organisation who has an interest in your business and could object to its closure. This includes:

  • HMRC and the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)
  • Employees
  • Creditors
  • Members
  • Local authorities
  • Government agencies
  • Training and enterprise councils

Within 7 days of applying to Companies House, you must provide a copy of the application form to:

  • Members
  • Employees
  • Creditors, including HMRC, banks, suppliers, landlords and guarantors.
  • Managers or trustees of pension funds
  • Any director who did not sign the form

It is an offence not to notify the appropriate people within the given timeframe.

2 years ago

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