How do I shut down a company limited by guarantee?


I head a sports club here in Edinburgh that has naturally reached its expiration date. Just to tie up loose ends, I need to shut down officially. So, can someone please tell me the steps I must take to go about making this happen? Really appreciate it.



If your company is solvent (able to pay its bills), the cheapest option is to apply to Companies House to have it struck off the Register of Companies. This will cost you £10. If your company is insolvent, you will have to use a creditors’ liquidation process which is more complex.

It will take at least 3 months to completely close your company because notice of your application will have to be advertised in the national Gazette. The striking off application itself, however, is relatively quick and simple to complete.

Full guidance on your available options and the steps you should take can be found

2 years ago

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