How do I register a company in Scotland?


Morning! I am a freelance contractor based in Glasgow, and I would like to find out how to register my business as a limited company in Scotland. Could someone please give me an outline of how I would go about doing that?



You can register a limited company with Companies House in Scotland (Edinburgh) in around 3 hours if you use the services of a company formation agent. You will be required to complete a simple online application with the following information:

Your completed form will be submitted electronically to Companies House and approved within a few hours. You will receive your incorporation documents immediately and you can start trading at any time.

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Hi Scott,

To register a company in Scotland you need to use a Scottish registered office address and change the jurisdiction to Scotland during your company formation process. You will be asked for this information in Step 3 if you're setting up your company with Formations Factory.

If you do not have presence is Scotland, you can buy a registered office service from a company formation agent. Rapid Formations offer a Glasgow registered office for £39 / year:

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Thank you very much

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