How do I register a holding company?


Hello, I would like to register a holding company based out of Newcastle. I know nothing about starting companies, though. How do I even register a holding company? Like, how do I get started, and generally what do I need to do? Cheers



A holding company is simply a limited company that has been set up for the purpose of holding assets or owning shares other companies (‘subsidiaries’), so you can set one up by incorporating a limited company at Companies House. You can do this directly with Companies House but it’s much quicker and easier if you go through an online company formation agent.

You can set up a holding company as a company limited by shares or a company limited by guarantee, but your company must:

  • Be a member (shareholder or guarantor) of the subsidiary and have the right to appoint or remove a majority of its board of directors, or
  • Hold a majority of the voting rights in the subsidiary, or
  • Be a member of the subsidiary and control alone, pursuant to an agreement with other members, a majority of the voting rights in the subsidiary.

You can set up a holding company on your own by naming yourself as the sole director and shareholder/guarantor, or you can register a company with other people.


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