What happens if my application is rejected by Companies House?


I submitted an application to form a private limited by shares company to Companies House yesterday, and I am still awaiting confirmation or any sort of result. I’m hoping I caught them on an off day, as I’m told this is usually a quick process. But this long wait has got me thinking: what happens if my application is rejected by Companies House? I’m mostly curious if I am allowed to reapply immediately, or if they are known to provide any meaningful feedback as to why my application might have been refused.



You will be contacted by Companies House or your company formation agent and told why your application has been rejected. Most rejections are caused by simple oversights that can be easily fixed. You will be able to address the error and resubmit your application online or by post, depending on the delivery method chosen for the original application.

If you use the services of an online agent to register your company, they will email you immediately if an error is detected. You can then correct any mistakes online and submit missing documentation electronically. In most cases, your incorporation can be completed on the same day. There is no additional charge for submitting an application.


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