Can private or personal records be removed from Companies House records?


I have just incorporated a limited by shares company in London, and supplied Companies House with all the required personal details. However, I didn’t actually appreciate the fact that all the personal details I was handing over regarding my personal residence would be placed in the public domain. Is there any way I can ask Companies House to remove these details?




Unfortunately, you cannot remove corporate information that Companies House has already disclosed on public record, unless you (or someone you live with) are at serious risk of violence as a result of your company’s activities. The details you provide for Companies House will remain on public record indefinitely, or for 20 years after your company has been dissolved.

You can certainly change your registered office and service address to non-residential addresses if you would rather not use a home address for these purposes, but the public record will still show all previous addresses under your company’s filing history.

Additionally, Companies House has chosen to limit public access to director’s date of birth information from October 2015 - only the month and year of birth will be disclosed from now on. This applies to new director appointments and those whose details are already on public record.

2 years ago

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