Can I use the word 'International' in my company name?


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I’m going to start a limited company in London, and was planning to use the word “international” in my company name. That being said, I’ve been told there are some funny rules here in the UK about what you can and cannot name a company. I wasn’t sure if this applied to “international”, but I obviously would like to know before I send an application to Companies HOuse and get it rejected like a dough ball.




Yes, you can. As of 31st January 2015, ‘International’ is no longer listed as a sensitive word so you can include this word in your limited company name without seeking prior approval from Companies House.

Before this date, companies had to justify the inclusion of the word ‘International’ by providing a statement confirming all of the international countries in which they would be trading within 3 months of their incorporation.

The changes to company name restrictions were introduced as part of the UK government’s Red Tape Challenge in the Company, Limited Liability Partnership and Business Names (Sensitive Words and Expressions) Regulations 2014.

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