How do I form a company limited by guarantee?


Our community association would like to incorporate as a not-for-profit, limited by guarantee company. Could someone please advise us on how to go about doing this? For example, is there a set process, or are there multiple ways this can be achieved?

Thanks for your help - we really appreciate it.



A limited by guarantee company can be set up online through a company formation agent or by postal application to Companies House. Postal registrations take about 10 days to process, whereas online incorporation only takes a few hours. The online process is also a lot easier and cheaper.

To register your company, you simply have to complete an online application with details about your company and its directors and guarantors. You only need one guarantor and one director, but these positions can be filled be the same person.

Your application will be delivered to Companies House electronically and (in most cases) approved on the same day. No forms to sign. No paperwork to post. You will even receive your incorporation documents by email.

2 years ago

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