Can someone else form a limited by guarantee company for me?


Hi, guys!

Quick question relating to limited by guarantee companies. I’m wanting to set up a new music club in Leeds, but I’m currently halfway through a gap year and in Thailand. Won’t make it back to the UK anytime soon. But my mates want to get this up and running before I get back, so I was wondering if they could set up the limited company on my behalf?


Jordan Flynn



Hi Jordan,

Sure, someone else can set up a company for you, or add you as a guarantor and director, if you provide them with all of the necessary information. Most incorporation are done online which makes this a lot easier to do.

Saying that, if you are going to be the only director and guarantor of this company, I’d suggest setting it up online yourself just to make sure all everything is done properly. It’s is a big commitment.

Your friends can run the business on your behalf until you get back but you will need to present yourself for ID checks if you want to open a business bank account. This is not something that anyone else can do on your behalf.

2 years ago

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