What information do I need to form an LLP?


Hey, I’m set to create an LLP online. Will probably use a company formation agent. What information am I going to need to do it? Like personal details, company details etc. Many thanks!



You will need the following information to register a limited liability partnership (LLP) online:

  • Unique LLP name
  • Registered office address
  • Member’s details (min of two required):
    • Title and full name
    • Former names
    • Country/state of residence
    • Date of birth
    • Service address - official contact address
    • Usual residential address

You will also have to indicate on the application which members are to be ‘designated’. There must be at least two designated members. They will be responsible for carrying out additional statutory duties on behalf of the entire LLP, like filing partnership accounts and annual returns.

The members’ consent to join the LLP must be confirmed on the application. You will do this by checking a ‘consent to act’ box - there is no need to provide any kind of signature.

You and your partners may wish to prepare a partnership agreement at the same time as setting up the LLP. It’s optional but recommended because it sets out the rules for running the business - members’ responsibilities, profit sharing, decision making, etc. You can ask a solicitor to prepare one for you, or you can do it yourself.

2 years ago

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