Do I need a registered office address for my LLP?


Heya, just putting together an LLP and I am curious whether I need to have a registered office for my LLP? The reason I ask is because we’ll probably be running this business from two or three separate home offices, so won’t have one, physical office, strictly speaking.




Yes, you need a registered office address for your LLP - it is a legal requirement. It must be situated in the country where your partnership is registered but you can use any physical address you like, including your home address, but do be aware that this information will be available to the public.

You do not have to work from your registered office. It is simply somewhere for Companies House and HMRC to be able to contact your business. In your situation, it would probably be best to set up a Registered Office Service with mail forwarding.

This type of address service will allow you and your partners to protect the privacy of your residential addresses and have all official LLP mail redirected to one of your home offices.

2 years ago

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