What personal details do LLP members need to provide at the time of incorporation?



Do you guys know what sort of personal details I am supposed to give Companies House when I am forming a new LLP? I’ve got several members I’ll be registering at the time of incorporation, so I need to know what to chase people up for.


Toby Ryan



Hi Toby,

Each LLP member will have to provide you with the following info:

  • Preferred title
  • Forename(s)
  • Surname
  • Any previous names (including maiden or married names) by which they have been known in business in the past 20 years.
  • Country/state of residence
  • Date of birth
  • Home address

You will have to enter all of these details on the LLP application form for Companies House. The day element of their DOBs will not be added to the public register, nor will their home addresses unless they wish to use it them as service addresses.

2 years ago

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