What are the filing requirements for an LLP?


Hello! I’m getting ready to incorporate an LLP in England, and my partner and I are just trying to map everything out before we start. As part of that, we’re trying to get a firm idea of what sort of paperwork we’re going to need to be submitting on a regular basis. So, are you able to advise what the filing requirements are for a typical LLP? Cheers.



The filing and reporting requirements of a limited liability partnership are as follows:

  • Preparing an annual return for Companies House once a year.
  • Submitting annual accounts for Companies House every year.
  • Filing a partnership tax return with HMRC every year
  • Submitting quarterly VAT returns for HMRC if the LLP is registered for VAT
  • Preparing PAYE reports with HMRC if the LLP has employees.
  • Telling Companies House about changes to the LLP, such as the registered office address or members’ details.

The designated members are responsible for ensuring all of these statutory obligations are met by the given deadlines.

The LLP members are responsible for submitting individual Self-Assessment tax returns at the end of every tax year because they are self-employed for tax purposes. The partnership tax return simply reports the collective income and tax liabilities of all members.

2 years ago

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