How do you change the name of an LLP?


Hi guys

We’ve just added a new partner to our LLP. Seeing as how our LLP name is the name of our three current partners, we’d like to add our fourth partner’s surname to our name. I know it’s possible, as colleagues and competitors I know have done it in the past. So, does anyone know exactly how to go about it?

Thomas Chamberlain



Hi Thomas,

To change the name of your LLP, you will have to notify Companies House. You can do this online for £8. Before doing so, please ensure that all of the partners are in agreement and that the name is available for registration and as a domain.

You can apply to change the name via WebFiling using form LL NM01, or you can submit the request online through a company formation agent. All being well, the change should be approved within 48 hours and you will receive a certificate of name change as confirmation You can start using the new LLP name any time thereafter.

2 years ago

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