How do I form an LLP?



I’ve been advised that the best business structure for my new venture would be an LLP. I’m a complete ignorant where LLPs are concerned. Could one of you please give me a quick dummies’ guide on how to form an LLP? What sort of procedure needs followed? Thanks



The procedure for setting up an limited liability partnership is very straightforward if you register online through an approved company formation agent:

  • Choose a unique name and find out if it is available to register.
  • Complete an online application with the following information:
    • LLP name
    • Jurisdiction of incorporation - England and Wales/Scotland/Northern Ireland
    • Registered office address - must be in the jurisdiction of incorporation.
    • Member’s details - min. of two required
    • Partnership agreement (optional but recommended)
  • Submit the application to Companies House
  • Receive notification of approved registration within approx. 3 hours
  • Start trading any time after receiving your incorporation documents.

The application is delivered to Companies House electronically and your incorporation documents are sent to you by email. This makes the whole process really easy.

2 years ago

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