Do I need a business address for my LLP?


Setting up a business service address, and I’m trying to figure out whether I need a business address for an LLP. We’re ideally going to be running this business 100% online, so won’t have an actual premises. Is that allowed?



Unlike your registered office and service address, there is no legal requirement to have a business address but it may be beneficial and/or a necessary part of running your LLP. It will serve as the primary contact address for general business mail, so you will use it for clients, service providers, suppliers and the like.

You can use any address as a business address, and it can be located anywhere in the world that is most convenient. It may even be necessary to have more than one business address if your LLP serves clients in a variety of places.

Because you are running your LLP online, you would benefit from choosing a professional business address service with mail forwarding, preferably in a city. This will create a better impression and appeal to more people.

2 years ago

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