Do you need to inform Companies House if you change your LLP's name?


We’re getting ready to change the name of our LLP. Is this something we’ve got to tell Companies House about ourselves - or will they simply find out for themselves?



Yes, it is very important that you tell Companies House. You cannot start using a new LLP name until Companies House has approved the change and provided you with a certificate of name change.

You can inform Companies House by post or online through WebFiling using form LL NM01, or you can send notification via software filing through a company formation agent. The latter option is the quickest. Either way, you must pay £8 to Companies House to change the name.

Before you apply, please ensure that:

  • The name is available to register and is not too similar to another company/LLP name on the register.
  • It is not registered as a trademark
  • It is available as a domain name.
  • You include supporting evidence if the name contains any ‘sensitive’ words or expressions.

Companies House should approve the name change within approximately 24 hours of receiving a request, but it may take longer. When Companies House issues your certificate of name change, you must update your websites and official stationery accordingly.

2 years ago

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