What is a certificate of good standing?


Hi there! I’m trying to establish my UK company overseas, and a friend recommended I chase up getting a certificate of good standing. What exactly is a certificate of good standing, if you don’t mind my asking? Thanks



A certificate of good standing is a document that you can request from Companies House to show that your limited company satisfies the following requirements :

  • It is legally registered and has been in continuous unbroken existence since the date of its incorporation
  • It is up to date with its statutory filing requirements for Companies House - i.e. the annual return and annual accounts.
  • No action is currently being taken against the company by a third party to have it struck off the register - i.e. closed down.
  • It does not have any outstanding fees to pay to Companies House.
  • It has at least one director who is a natural person.

The certificate, therefore, proves that a company is currently in ‘good standing’ with Companies House so it is a good way to show investors and other people or businesses that your company and its officers are reliable and trustworthy.

Once issued, a certificate is only valid for three months but you can apply for a new one as often as required.

2 years ago

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