Can a dormant company obtain a certificate of good standing?



I’ve got a limited company that’s been registered as dormant. Would it be possible for me to acquire a certificate of good standing for this company, even though it is not currently trading?


Toby Hayward



Your company’s trading status should not affect your ability to obtain a certificate of good standing from Companies House. The only requirements you need to satisfy are:

  • Your company has been in continued and unbroken existence since incorporation.
  • At least one of the company directors is a natural person (i.e. a human, rather than corporate body).
  • Your company’s annual accounts and annual return are filed up to date.
  • Your company does not owe any money to Companies House.
  • No one is taking action against your company to strike it from the register.

If you would like to find out more or apply for a certificate online, please click here.

2 years ago

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