Do I need a business address if I am a sole trader?



I work as a sole trader. A friend of mine has got her own limited company, and she has a professional business address in London. I can see why it’s helpful for a company, and I would like one. But does a sole trader really need one? Or, more specifically, am I allowed one?


Sean Hunter




Hi Sean,

There is no legal requirement to have a professional business address but you can certainly set one up if you want. It would be very beneficial because it is an extremely effective way to legitimise your business and improve your professional image. You can set up more than one business address if you want to create a presence in different locations.

A professional business address (as opposed to a residential contact address) is one that you supply to your clients and other important business contacts. You can get this type of address service from a company formation agent, Royal Mail and various other professional address providers like Mailboxes Etc. Shop around for the one that suits you best.

Hope this helps.

2 years ago

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