What if I want to change the name of my limited by guarantee company?


Good afternoon. I have a query for you. I own and run a limited by guarantee company along with two other people and we are keen to change our company’s name. Is there any way to go about doing this or do we have to keep the existing name?



You can change your company's name whenever you like by contacting Companies House but you must have the approval of a majority of your company’s members or directors. This can be done by:

  • Passing a special resolution of the members (guarantors), or
  • By a majority vote of the company directors

Directors can only authorise a change of company name if they are granted such power in the articles of association or by special resolution of the guarantors. Otherwise, the power to authorise a name change lies with the guarantors.

To pass a special resolution, at least 75% of the guarantors must vote in favour of the proposed resolution. In your case, two of your company's guarantors must approve the resolution. This vote can be taken at a general meeting or in writing.

When you reach a majority decision in favour of changing the company name, you must complete form NM01 (name change by members) or form NM04 (name change by directors) and file it at Companies House within 15 days. A copy of the resolution should be included. You can deliver these documents online or by post. An £8 fee will apply.

If and when Companies House approves the change, they will issue a Certificate of Name Change. You may then start using your new company name but you must change all of your business stationery, websites and any other material that features your company name.

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