Who do I need to pay to form an LLP?


I’m assuming it costs a little bit of money to officially form an LLP. Who (or what body) am I supposed to pay in order to make this happen? Thanks



You need to pay an incorporation fee to Companies House, the UK registrar of companies, to set up a limited liability partnership. Payment is made when you submit an application.

You can submit an application on paper using Companies House form LL IN01. A cheque or postal order for £40 should be made out to ‘Companies House’. Your application will take 8-10 to process once it has been received and your payment has cleared.

Alternatively, you can submit an online application through a company formation agent. This is generally the most cost efficient option and applications are usually processed within a few hours. If you choose to register an LLP through a formation agent, the fee for Companies House will be included in the price of your package, so you won’t have anything extra to pay. Payments are made online by debit or credit card

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