Why would I use a formation agent to form an LLP?


I have been researching how to start an LLP, and there seem to be a lot of formation agents on the web willing to do it for me. What would be the benefits of using a formation agent? Is there any particular reason I should go with one?



There are a number of advantages to setting up a limited liability partnership through a company formation agent rather than Companies House:

  • Convenience: No paper application forms, everything is done online.
  • Time: Most applications are approved within 3 hours. Companies House’ paper LLP application takes 8-10 days to process.
  • Cost: It is invariably cheaper to register an LLP through an agent. Companies House charges £40 for the postal application.
  • Simplicity: Online applications take only a few minutes to complete. The Companies House application form is 10 pages long and a little confusing.
  • Support: Help and advice is available on the phone or online during the application process.
  • Corrections: It’s quick and easy to correct errors on an online application, but if your paper application is rejected you will have to complete and post and new one.
  • Digital documents: Agents provide digital copies of all incorporation documents.
  • Security: It is safer to deliver an application online rather than by post.
  • Reliability: It is almost impossible for an online application to go missing. Postal applications sent through Royal Mail, on the other hand….

If these benefits have piqued your interest, take a look at our LLP package or LLP Guide.

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