Tax rules: no business activity in the first 6 months


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I recently started a limited company (I'm living in Sweden right now), because me and my family is going to move to London in June 2016. This means that i will no be doing any business at all in my company for at least six months, but i needed to register a company in order to sign some contracts with a couple of Swedish comp nays, that will start at the 1st of July.

I just wonder if i have to do any tax declarations even though there will be no activities in the company before June?

Im not familiar with the British tax rules yet, and hope you could at least point me to the right direction.



If you have not begun to trade and have therefore not registered for any UK taxes then there would be nothing to file for the company at least until the company has completed its first year of existence. Even if the company is not trading at the present time you should reply to HMRC regarding the Corporation Tax letter they will send to your registered office. You would either sign up online with HMRC to allow future filings to be completed or tell them that you will not be trading for a period of time you will specify in your response to them or, if your company does not qualify under the UK tax system, then you should inform them of this.

I would advise speaking to an accountant if you would like confirmation of your specific position.

2 years ago

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