Can I use my personal address as my registered office?



Is it okay for me to use my personal home address as my registered office address? My business will be run from home, so it seems a bit unnecessary to take out space just for the sake of saying I’ve got an office for my company.




That’s absolutely fine. Lots of people use their home address as a registered office, especially those with a home-based business. As long as your residential address is situated in the same country in which your company is incorporated, it can be used as your registered office.

One thing to remember, however, is that your registered office address will be displayed on public record. This is not a problem for some people, but if you would prefer to protect your privacy then I would recommend using a non-residential address instead. Many company formation agents provide professional address services for this very purpose.

2 years ago

Thank you for responding. So, you wouldn't anticipate them being exposed to any risk of any sort?

6 months ago

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