What is the purpose of a registered office address?


I’m being prompted to enter details for a registered office address on a company formation site. But I don’t really get the point. Is there a reason companies need to have a registered office address?




A registered office address is a legal requirement of company formation. The purpose of a registered office address is:

  • To act as the physical contact location of a limited company
  • To receive official company mail from Companies House and HMRC
  • To keep statutory company records
  • To make company records available for inspection by the public

The address you choose as a registered office will be placed on public record. It must be a physical address (i.e. not a PO Box Number) that is situated in the country where your company is incorporated.

You may use your home address as a registered office. If you would prefer to protect your privacy as much as possible, you should consider using a professional address service instead.

a year ago

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