Does my registered office need to be where my business is based?


I’ve seen different sites advertising a service where you can use their address as your registered office. But if my business isn’t physically based at one of those addresses, how does that work? Is this actually legal to do?




There is no need for your business to be based at your registered office address. The purpose of this address is to serve as the physical contact address of your company, to receive official mail from Companies House and HMRC, to keep statutory records and to make them available for inspection purposes.

As long as you choose an address that is situated in the country where you register your company, you can use any residential or non-residential address that you want.

In terms of the registered office service you mention - this is a professional service that many company formation agents offer. If you purchase one of these services, your official mail will be delivered to that address in the first instance and then forwarded to you at an alternate address such as your home for example. You can find out more here.

2 years ago

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