What if I don't want a registered office address?


Does anybody know whether I can just form a company without a registered office address? This new company will be online only, and run by directors in several different cities and countries. You can’t really pinpoint one address for our business.



If you do not want to use a registered office address, you will not be allowed to register a limited company! It’s basically just an official contact address where your statutory mail will be delivered. It will also added to the public register.

Your company's registered office address can be any physical address - home address, warehouse, solicitor’s office, professional address service, etc. But you must choose an address in the country where your company is registered. For example: if you set up a company in England and Wales, your registered office must be a physical address somewhere in England and Wales.

If you choose to buy a professional registered office service from a company formation agent, your official mail can be forwarded to any address anywhere in the world. Due to the fact that your directors are based in multiple locations, you should have this mail forwarded to the director who is responsible for the company's filing and reporting requirements - i.e. annual accounts, tax returns and annual returns.

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