Can I change my registered office address if my company has dissolved?


Hi! My name is Jacob, and I recently dissolved a limited company in Newcastle. I’ve got a question about addresses, though. Once I’ve dissolved a company, am I allowed to change its registered office address? I’m just curious, really. Thanks for your help.



Hi Jacob,

Yes, you can change the registered office address of your company if a majority of the directors agree. It must always remain in your company's country of incorporation, so you will have to choose an address in England or Wales.

When you have chosen a new address for your registered office, you must notify Companies House immediately. You can do this free of charge in one of three ways:

  • By post on form AD01
  • Online via Webfiling on form AD01
  • Online through your company formation agent

When the change of address request has been received, Companies House will update your registered office details on the public register. The third option is usually the quickest and easiest - in most cases, company details are updated within just a few hours.

a year ago

Hi Rachel your answer seems to be incorrect unless you read Jacob's questions wrong. I phoned companies house (12/04/16) and asked the exact question. Can I replace the registered office address of my dissolved company and they said no, the only way would be to restore the company at £1500-£1800. Once restored companies house will accept the AD01? Or should I ignore the companies house representative and send/file the AD01?

a year ago

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