Why would I use someone else's address as my registered office?


Good day to you, online users! I do have a question I have interest in getting answered. That question is as follows: I see online that formation agents are offering their addresses to me as a registered office. Why would an aspiring entrepreneur such as myself take them up on this offer? By this, I mean, what sort of benefits would I reap?

Adam Kent



There are quite a few benefits to be gained from using someone else’s address as a registered office, particularly if it is a non-residential/commercial address. This type of address service will provide the following benefits:

  • Enhance your professional status
  • Create the impression of a larger business
  • Increase trust and credibility
  • Protect the privacy of your home address
  • Forwarding of official mail anywhere in the world
  • A cost-efficient alternative to renting commercial space

Your registered office address will appear on public record and must be displayed on your website and business stationery, so it is much better to use an alternate address rather than your residential address.

To get a better idea of what this kind of service can offer, take a look at our Registered Office Service in London.

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