Do all directors need a service address?



I’m incorporating a limited company in Glasgow. I was planning on signing up with four directors, and I needed to know whether I need to provide service addresses for each director. What do you think?

Pete Merrick



Hi Pete,

It is a legal requirement of all directors of UK limited companies to provide a service address for Companies House. This address will be placed on public record. You will receive your statutory mail from Companies House and HMRC at this address.

You may use the same service address for all of the directors in your company, but you will have to state these address details upon the appointment of each director. If you plan to use a professional service address, you will have to purchase the service separately for each director.

Take a look at our service address in London to get an idea of what to expect from a professional address service. Unlike your registered office, your service address can be located anywhere in the UK or overseas so you don’t need to restrict yourself to a Glasgow address.

I hope this helps!

a year ago

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