Can my registered office address be anywhere in the UK?


I am mulling over exactly where I would like to register my business, in terms of company addresses, that is. Where registered offices are concerned, can it be literally anywhere in the UK? Like, no matter which part of the UK my business is based in?




Your registered office must be situated at a physical address in the part of the UK where your company is registered:

  • Companies registered in England and Wales - Registered office must be situated in England or Wales
  • Companies registered in Scotland - Registered office must be situated in Scotland
  • Companies registered in Northern Ireland - Registered office must be situated in Northern Ireland.

You do not need to work from your registered office so you can have a separate business address for your clients, etc, if you like. Your registered office is simply the company address that is placed on public record. Companies House and HMRC will also send your official mail to your registered office.

You can find out everything you need to know about registered office requirements here.

a year ago

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