Do I need a business address?



I’m registering a limited company online, and I’m wondering whether I actually need a business address to start trading. Could anyone advise whether this is optional?


Jason Rose North Berwick



Hi Jason,

There is no legal requirement for a company to have a dedicated business address but you will most likely need one to enable your clients and suppliers to contact you. A business address is also a good way to establish a presence in different parts of the country. This could help you to expand your customer reach and grow your business.

If you work from home, a business address is an effective way to disguise this fact and make your company appear larger than it actually is. It adds a bit more credibility, too. Of course, you are perfectly entitled to use your home as a business address. Lots of small business own do this.

Take a look at our Business Address Guide for more information.

2 years ago

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