Does my registered office address need to be in the UK?


Problem: I’m a non-resident getting ready to get together a UK company. This is fine, I am told. But I don’t have a UK address, obviously being a non-resident. For my registered office address, then, I would like to use an address in my home country of Italy. It makes more sense to contact me about important developments and the like. Will the UK Government let me do this, do you know?



The registered office of your UK limited company must be a physical postal address in the part of the UK where your company is incorporated. This will either be England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

As you are a non-UK resident, you will have to use a registered office service with mail forwarding. You can get one of these addresses services from a company formation agent or third-party address provider.

The address you choose will be registered on public record. It is also the delivery address for all official company mail, but you can this mail forwarded to your home address in Italy.

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2 years ago

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